Legwana -

A History of the Project

This project began from a desire to utilize brick building blocks as a joint system for a unique toy. Originally prototyped at a much smaller scale when I was much younger. At that time the concept had a cartoonish bend but as time progressed I reconsidered and wanted a design with more of an edge. 


Eventually I teamed up with Erwin Papa to create an experimental piece which combines resin sculpture with brick systems compatibility.

The concept of Legwana has always been a creature who can readily evolve in any scenario and each one will be unique depending on what planet they call home. As such we worked together to give the Legwana a reptilian feel with Bio-Mechanical elements to express their futuristic space faring background. Erwin knocked it out of the park with his drawings and we proceeded to prototyping


We began with sculpting the prototype based upon our design and as you can see it they were coming out fantastic.


Eventually we had a finished product which includes a body and 4 variations of arms and 3 heads which are all interchangeable. I worked with Bobby T and we created the first batch of Super limited edition,hand-casted resin Legwanas. Every single Legwana is hand  painted and customized for life on their Unique planet. 


The last part of this project was the creation of this website. I will be updating the Legwana Encyclopedia with each new batch. 




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