Legwana -

Legwanas - A History of the Tribe

The Legwana are a tribe of Reptilian creatures originally from the lush world of Logios Prime. The planet thrived for millennia building the tribes wealth and acclaim  as scientists and warriors. A surprise solar flare changed the face of the planet and the tribe was forced to make tremendous social changes to survive. The Tribal Councils scientists determined that in order for the species to survive the tribe would need to spread out through out the universe. To combat the expected harshness of other worlds the scientists started a program to alter what it was to be a Legwana. Through use of Bio-Mechanical upgrades and gene-altering the very first (SGEO)Singe Generational Evolutionary Organism was created.

Now the tribe was free to spread throughout the known and unknown universe. These abilities mean that any Legwana can land anywhere and immediately develop genetic variations that optimize their abilities in that planet. These have included abilities to change colors, grow wings, grow gills, breath fire and many more. These adaptions also affect their societies and personalty. Some become more stoic or angry and others become more reserved and understanding. The S-GEO upgrades and the diaspora have dispersed the Legwana tribe both in terms of distance and culture.

Each one is different from the next and even if you got to know one you could meet him a couple months later and wouldn't know it was the same Legwana. 



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