Legwana Encyclopedia

A guide of the tribe.

The Legwana Encyclopedia is a guidebook for Legwanas discovered throughout the universe. Please submit your findings to get added to the encyclopedia. 

Planet of Sand

Planet Name-Jabari Prime

Description-  Jabari Prime is a large dry planet located around a Dwarf Star. The once lush planet has been reduced to a vast desert from planetary warming. Water is scarce and the main source of currency on the planet. The groups of Legwanas that landed here have adapted into nomadic tribesman. They are always on the move and have created a warrior culture based upon hunting the great Jabari Megadone. The thousand tusk creature has gored many young Legwanas in their trials of manhood. In fact one will be considered a coward if they leave the encounter with less than 3 gore wounds. Legwanas of the Planet of Sand are intense and prideful but believe in honor above all else.


Planet of Ice

Planet Name-Centari 556

Description- Located on an exoplanet with an icy surface made up largely of methane. The planet typically has a surface temperature below −193°C. Generally the planet is hostile to life forms but given the nature of Legwanas the planet has seen a tribe thrive in difficult conditions. Ice Planet Legwanas have adapted to their new world in surprising ways. They can withstand harsh temperatures and no longer require traditional food having developed a Chemosynthesis ability. They have also mixed the cold into their fighting style and can blast opponents with freezing flames or hurl disks of ice. An Ice Planet Legwana will be stoic in nature and deliberate in all things.

Planet of Gold

Planet Name- Fluxaria

Description- Located on a planet rich in rare metals the tribe of Legwanas that live on Fluxaria have become well known miners and traders. Each Legwana is infused with pure gold and is truly worth their weight in gold. Cunning and sly Legwanas of Fluxaria are often considered snobs by most that meet them. Their technology and solid skin makes them difficult to defeat in battle. 

Planet of Vines

Planet Name- Taxo

Description-  Born to the lush jungle world of Taxo these Legwanas have become one with nature. They posses the ability to grow vines like trees and can release toxic spores that will paralyze their enemies. In a young Legwanas 2nd year they go through a rite of passage called "the Becoming". They live in the jungle till they become one with the jungle or die. Very few make it through but those who do can control every aspect of the jungle and no longer need normal food as they developed the capability of photosynthesis. 

Planet of Flares

Planet Name- Sansiono

Description- This tribe developed on a planet that is constantly blasted with coronal mass ejections  from a nearby star. Their adaptations have included a skin made of Ion absorbing materials. With each blast the Legwana gains strength and over decades till they eventually reach critical mass and their skin turns vibrant colors. This time is called "Going Joules" . When a tribesmen goes Joules he is sent off planet to release his energy. In the past some Legwanas have even been used as a covert WMD. 

Planet of Lava

Planet Name- Kelvinasko

Description- This planet is hot , really really hot. The Legwanas from this planet don't realize this. They have adapted to this planet by having blood of lava and breaths of fire. They have a surprising calm demeanor but once they are angry they will scorch the very ground you walk upon. Their wings of fire and dragon breath will lay waste to friend and foes alike. 

Planet of Iron

Planet Name- Mechave

Description- The planet of Mechave is a land rich in iron and has become the center for industry in the Legwana universe. The Legwanas calling this planet home have formed interesting adaptions. They have integrated mechanical upgrades into their bodies. Legwanas from this planet are brutally effective warriors. They can pummel enemies with their piston arms or  slice them with their razor sharp alloy fangs. 

Proto-planet of Bone

Planet Name- Palmsacax-29

Description- A member of the Proto-Tribe this Legwana was one of the original SGEOs. Adapting to a desert planet has made this Legwana a creature of isolation and selfish in all things. A physical brute and considered dangerous by most he waits for battle and will take every opportunity to fight.


Proto-planet of Magma

Planet Name- Heliosium- 451

Description- A member of the Proto-Tribe this Legwana was one of the original SGEOs. The creatures evolved on a young volcanic planet . This extreme environment has created a fiery attitude and a lack of patience. With a blast furnace as a home this creature can shoot foes with molten rock in a battle.

Proto-planet of Frost

Planet Name- Celisusium- X

Description- A member of the Proto-Tribe this Legwana was one of the original SGEOs. Adapting to an icy planet has created a Legwana with a cold and calculating outlook. Their lack of humor and sarcasm means they don't get along with most creatures. His frost blast can rapidly freeze enemies till they shatter like glass. 

The Great Void

Planet Name- Unknown

Description- Of unknown origin, Rok'Karr is as stoic as they come. No one knows where he is from and when he entered the Great Void and that is just the way he wants it.  What is known is that sometime ago he entered the Void and returned as something  different. He is now a member of the Super Saurian Squad.

Cataloged by Legwanalogist Dr. Arnold

Planet of Gold

Planet Name- Aurum X

Description- Originally from the Planet of Gold, Mi'Dazz was an explorer looking for new trade routes. He reached the edge of the universe and entered the Great Void, and returned as something different. Now a member of the Super Saurian Squad.

Cataloged by Legwanalogist Dr. Arnold

Planet of Magic

Planet Name- Mana Zaris

Description- Originally from the Planet of Magic, Jinx'Zar was a mage apprentice on a pilgrimage to learn the secrets of the universe. Seeing the Great Void as an untapped source of magically power he  entered the Great Void, and returned as something different. Now a member of the Super Saurian Squad.

Cataloged by Legwanalogist Dr. Arnold


Planet of Jewels

Planet Name- Zarcho Prime

Description- Originally from the wealthy Planet of Jewels, Je'Tal was born rich and desired adventure above all else. On a quest for meaning he entered the Great Void, and returned as something different. Now a member of the Super Saurian Squad.

Cataloged by Legwanalogist Dr. Arnold


The Great Void

Planet Name- Long Forgotten

Description- Centuries before the great migration a sole Legwana explorer came upon the Great Void. He became the first Legwana of only a few to venture into the Great Void. A millisecond and a billion eons after stepping into the Great Void, this Legwana returned as something different.

Cataloged by Legwanalogist Dr. Arnold

Planet of Gardens

Planet Name- Springalia

Description- This tribe developed on a planet of perpetual spring. Adapting in many way this tribe has assimilated many traits of plants including growing its own food on its body. The moderate conditions have made a tribe that is sensitive to temperature extremes but they are likely the nicest Legwanas you will ever meet. 

Planet of Fissures

Planet Name-Cusia

Description- This tribe comes from the planet of Cusia where massive fissures that reach to the center of the planet have caused multiple unique adaptions. These include a skin which is hard as diamonds and a strange orange glow that seeps from their veins. some researcher think that the glow is a prescient power but the Legwanas of this planet have never confirmed and usually leave a conversation just before that question is asked. 


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